SPD – Sociedade Portuense de Drogas, S.A. is a certified company in accordance to the demands of NP EN ISO 9001:2008 norm.

Founded in 1953, SPD is a family company of exclusively national capitals.

SPD’s core business, in the chemical sector, is focussed on the commercialization of raw-materials and chemicals in general for the manufacturing industry (metal mechanical, electroplating, textile, plastic, tanning, ceramics and glass, paints, glues, construction materials etc.)

Due to its strong link to small trade costumers and retailers, SPD-  Sociedade Portuense de Drogas, S.A. maintains with these small and medium-sized enterprises a long lasting business relationship regarding the supply of products for several construction sectors, cleaning products, paints and painting materials, glues and agrochemicals.

The headquarters and central warehouses are located at Rua da Cavada, 550 – S. Cosme Gondomar (about 10 km from Oporto), occuping a total area of 70.000 m2, being 25.000 m2 covered. SPD owns a local office with warehouses in Algarve, Almancil (about 12 km from Faro) and two commercial offices at Rua Padre Antonio Vieira, 223 (Oporto City) and Rua Casimiro Neto da Silva,398 (Paredes).

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